some nooky party game idea's


Instructions: Each Person is to write a memory they have of them and the bride. This can lead to laughs and tears all at the same time. All notes are to be passed back to the bride and she is to read them out and figure out who and what the memory is about and to.

You will need: Pieces of paper/note card / Pens / Box – to hold notes in

i don't like cleaning because

Instructions: This one is hilarious.Hand out pieces of paper with the following written on it: Name: The household chore i hate the most: The reason why i hate it:

Once everyone has handed back their cards you read them out and instead of saying whats on the card you say “ the reason (name) doesn’t like sex is because (the reason why they hate their household chore)

You will need: Cards with the above questions written on them / Pens

pass the parcel

Instructions: Put together a “pass the parcel” but this time adult style. In the parcel have naughty prizes – condoms, mini vibrators, willy lollies etc Play sexy and naughty music to make the game even more of a laugh

You will need: Presents – 3 or 4 is enough / Music


Instructions: Split the group into teams. Give each team a lump of play dough. Ask each team to recreate a life size model of the husband-to-be`s penis! The bride then judges which team is the most accurate.

You will need: Play dough – lots of it

condom fitter

Instructions: The aim of this very naughty hen party game is to see who can unroll a condom onto a banana/cucumber using only their mouths the fastest. Hand everyone a banana with a condom on top. Set the clocks and go! Whoever completes this the fastest is the winner...

You will need: Bananas/Cucumbers – One for every guest \ Condoms \ A prize for the winner


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